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    Director of Talent Acquisition & Development, Hillary for America

    I'm a strategist focused on meaningful work.

    I'm a team-builder that specializes in recruiting talented people to accomplish things that will make a positive mark on history.


    I approach hiring & culture through the lens of meaningful work.


    My expertise includes executive & mid-level search, hiring process design, modern recruiting tools & platforms, professional development & career-pathing, and culture design.


    I love getting to know talented people, and helping them develop their careers. I'm a believer in reflecting deeply about how you can build a career that's worth having.



    I build teams that matter.

    Hillary for America

    Director of Talent Acquisition & Development

    (April 2015 - Present)

    I oversee the recruiting operations and talent development initiatives for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.


    My talent acquisition portfolio includes overseeing our application system and processes, choosing our recruiting tools and channels, designing hiring workflows and interview plans, as well as running candidate sourcing support for our teams (e.g. analytics, field, operations, digital, engineering & product).


    My talent development portfolio includes coordinating our executive coaching program, conducting management trainings, and administering and analyzing staff surveys to make sure feedback is flowing smoothly within and between our teams.


    This Fast Company article, How the Hillary Campaign Built a Staff as Diverse as America, explains our approach to team building at the campaign.

    (2011 - 2015)

    I cofounded ReWork in 2011 to make it easier for talented people to build careers by working on society's most pressing challenges.


    In the years since, ReWork has supported tens of thousands of talented professionals with their career design and job transitions, and has worked with hundreds of hiring managers to find the right person for their team.


    ReWork exclusively serves organizations that are transforming industries like education, public health, community investment, financial inclusion, and international development, among many others.



    In the years after graduating from the University of Vermont, I enjoyed a range of work adventures - from installing rain barrels and leading ecotourism trips, to building backcountry bridges in US National Parks, to securing $1.5M in funding for new nonprofits and urban development projects.


    That journey left me convinced that meaningful work is something that everyone deserves to experience.


    After finishing graduate school in Sweden, I cofounded ReWork, a firm that specializes in placing mission-driven professionals at high-impact organizations. In the years since, ReWork has supported thousands of professionals in their career design and job searches, and worked with hundreds of hiring managers across a range of industries.


    In March of 2015, I stepped down from being ReWork's CEO to serve as the Director of Talent Acquisition & Development for Hillary's presidential campaign.


    I chose to work for Hillary so that I could use my expertise in talent to do my part to keep our country on the right path, by building her the strongest campaign team possible to compete in in the 2016 election.


    I plan to do everything I can to make sure that as many people as possible in the United States have access to meaningful, good-paying, world-positive jobs - and look forward to the projects, ventures, and policy initiatives that will make that a reality.



    My networks are entrepreneurial and mission-driven.
    My background is in economic and ecological complex systems.

    New York City Venture Fellows




    I was honored to be one of 33 entrepreneurs selected for the New York City Venture Fellows program, which selects the most promising startup leaders in New York and pairs them with mentors, peer-learning opportunities, and introductions to seasoned investors.


    New Leaders Council

    Fellow - New York City



    I was one of 20 millennial leaders selected for the New York City region to join the NLC community for a five-month program designed to introduce us to the world of progressive policy, politics, campaigns, and organizing.


    Singularity University

    Executive Program

    December 2012


    At this program we spent 10 days examining the technological development of networks & computing systems, renewable energy sources & storage technologies, nanotechnology & molecular assembly, robotics & artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and 3D printing & distributed manufacturing.


    Unreasonable Institute




    I spent six weeks living in a house with 24 other entrepreneurs and 60+ mentors - specialists in branding, startup finance, team building, operations, fundraising, communications, and more - learning how to build a mission-driven startup.


    Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola

    Masters of Science - Strategic Sustainable Development



    I went to Karlskrona, Sweden to study strategic sustainable development under Karl-Henrik Robert in his MSLS program. The program revolves around what companies and governments can do to shield themselves from risk and improve their competitive advantage by proactively and strategically addressing social and environmental challenges.



    Thesis: Embedding socio-economic sustainability into impact investor due diligence.

    University of Vermont

    Bachelor of Arts - Global Human Impact Studies



    I studied the interconnected systemic issues that society has become aware of in recent decades – from climate change and consequences of fossil fuel use, to ecological collapse and biodiversity loss, to topsoil erosion and deforestation, to preventable disease, malnutrition, and poverty.



    Thesis: Ecological wastewater treatment in Stonetown, Zanzibar: A feasibility analysis.

    School for International Training

    Coastal Ecology in Zanzibar

    Spring 2006


    I lived with a local family in Stonetown, learned Swahili, and studied marine and coastal ecosystems, including whaleshark migration patterns and population dynamics of large mammals in Saadani National Park.