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    Entrepreneur in Residence, The Future Project

    I build & develop teams that matter.

    I build teams that advance societal progress. The more ambitious the vision, the better.


    I approach hiring, team performance, org culture, and career-pathing through the lens of meaningful work.


    My expertise includes mid-level & executive search, hiring process design, modern recruiting tools & platforms, professional development, culture design, and career-pathing.


    I love getting to know talented people, and helping them build careers worth having.



    I commit to projects that involve smart people aiming for massive impact.

    Hillary for America

    Director of Talent Acquisition & Development (2015-2016)

    I was recruited to oversee the recruiting & professional development operations for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. We had a particular focus on hiring a diverse workforce, as we wanted a campaign staff that reflected the demographics of the country, as well a cross-section of industries, sectors, and geographies. We were successful in creating the most diverse campaign team in history.


    I joined the campaign the week before before we launched in April 2015, and designed a recruiting plan to accommodate a steep staffing ramp: the $1B campaign operation would come to include over 4,300 staffers in over 500 offices across the country, including 650+ at our Brooklyn HQ.


    My talent acquisition work included applicant tracking system selection & oversight, hiring process design, recruiting channel selection & sourcing support, coordination of hiring lead activity and role prioritization timelines, our internship program (which embedded over 800 college students into our HQ teams over the course of the campaign), and a range of other special projects associated with staff hiring, professional development, and deployment.


    My talent development portfolio included a pro-bono coaching program that gave 50 of our managers access to a professional executive coach, a Management 101 workshop series that was the first exposure to best-practice frameworks for many of our staff, and a “management pulse” survey that had staff routinely score their managers across several dimensions, to make sure that feedback was flowing within and between our teams. We found that managers who participated in our development programs showed 33% improvement, compared to just 7% improvement for managers who didn't participate.


    In the end, we were not successful in delivering Hillary Clinton to the White House. Though the consequences of the 2016 election will be felt for years to come, we can all work to forge a future for our country that is vibrant, optimistic, sensible, and inclusive.

    Cofounder & CEO (2011-2015)

    I cofounded ReWork in 2011 to make it easier for talented people to build careers working on society's most pressing challenges. Since its founding, ReWork has supported tens of thousands of talented professionals with career design and job transitions, and has helped hundreds of mission-driven hiring managers find the right person for their team.

    Career Experimentation

    Misc Projects & Adventures (2008-2010)

    I spent the years after graduating college doing a wide range of work projects and activities, as I searched for what type of work lit me up while also feeling like a contribution to the world that justified my time and attention.


    During these years I wrote business plans and did research projects for new ventures, wrote grants that secured $1.5M in funding for a few nonprofits, installed rain barrels and residential energy efficiency upgrades, did construction work, worked on an internal innovation project for Nielsen, led backcountry trail crews in US National Parks and ecotourism trips in Latin America, peddled fudge at CostCos in Florida (true story), produced a coupon book featuring socially/environmentally conscious consumer companies in Pittsburgh, and worked with a friend to start a part-time craigslist-based labor & moving company that earned over $12,000 during its existence. It was a wild ride.


    This exploration - though at times turbulent and full of uncertainty - exposed me to a wide range of work environments, company missions, types of managers and leadership styles, and other experiences that shaped me and helped me understand my place in the world.


    My networks are entrepreneurial, progressive, and politically active.
    My academic background is in economics, ecology, and complex systems.

    New York City Venture Fellows

    Fellow // 2015

    I was honored to be one of 33 entrepreneurs selected for the New York City Venture Fellows program, which selects the most promising startup leaders in New York and pairs them with mentors, peer-learning opportunities, and introductions to seasoned investors.


    New Leaders Council

    Fellow, New York City // 2015

    I was one of 20 millennial leaders selected for the New York City region to join the NLC community for a five-month program designed to introduce us to the world of progressive policy, politics, campaigns, and organizing.


    Singularity University

    Executive Program // December 2012

    At this program we spent 10 days examining the technological development of networks & computing systems, renewable energy sources & storage technologies, nanotechnology & molecular assembly, robotics & artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and 3D printing & distributed manufacturing.


    Unreasonable Institute

    Fellow // 2011

    I spent six weeks living in a house with 24 other entrepreneurs and 60+ mentors - specialists in branding, startup finance, team building, operations, fundraising, communications, and more - learning how to build a mission-driven startup.


    Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola

    Masters of Science, Strategic Sustainable Development

    I went to Karlskrona, Sweden to study strategic sustainable development under Karl-Henrik Robert. The program revolves around a methodology that companies and governments can use to improve their competitive advantage while strategically addressing social and environmental challenges.


    Thesis: Embedding socio-economic sustainability into impact investor due diligence.

    University of Vermont

    Bachelor of Arts, Global Human Impact Studies

    I studied the interconnected systemic issues that society has become aware of in recent decades – from climate change and consequences of fossil fuel use, to ecological collapse and biodiversity loss, to topsoil erosion and deforestation, to preventable disease, malnutrition, and poverty.


    Thesis: Ecological wastewater treatment in Stonetown, Zanzibar: A feasibility analysis.

    School for International Training

    Coastal Ecology in Zanzibar

    I lived with a local family in Stonetown, learned Swahili, and studied marine and coastal ecosystems, including whale shark migration patterns and population dynamics of large mammals in Saadani National Park.