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    Strategist & Team Builder

    I build high-output teams that make the world a better place.


    I support projects, ventures, and political candidates dedicated to making sure that the United States lives up to its full potential.


  • WORK

    Talent is my craft.
    I love building formidable teams and seeing them perform at their best.



    talent strategy - executive search - hiring process design - team performance


    I've designed and overseen systems that have hired over 5,500 people across over 100 organizations, as well as done extensive study - in both academic and applied settings - about what goes into effective team building and team management.


    Committee to Elect Alessandra Biaggi

    Campaign Chair | 2018

    I chair the Committee to Elect Alessandra Biaggi, who is running for New York's State Senate in the Bronx & Westchester. As chair, I oversee campaign strategy, team design and performance, and budget.


    Alessandra won the Democratic primary on September 13, soundly defeating a 14-year incumbent who outspent us by factor of 10:1. Alessandra has been endorsed by over 80 grassroots groups, labor unions, elected officials, community boards, the New York Times, the Daily News, and US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.


    Election day is November 6!


    If you support thoughtful, progressive candidates who will help New York's communities embrace the future, please consider donating to Alessandra's campaign or signing up to volunteer.

    SVP People | Feb 2017 - Sep 2018

    We're a new R&D organization dedicated to inventing bold new companies, policies, and other concepts to improve quality of life for marginalized communities and populations in the United States. We've grown to over 30 people since our founding in 2017. We are researchers, analysts, designers, storytellers, problem-solvers, and possibility enthusiasts.

    In addition to my work as SVP People, I oversaw one of our pilot research projects - the Enough project - a systematic examination of the epidemic of financial insecurity in the United States, and a feasibility assessment of various types of cash transfer programs (e.g. basic income) as a viable solution.


    I'm always excited to talk shop about bold, data-driven public policy concepts. Tweet at me (@nathanielkoloc) if you'd like a copy of the Enough report.

    Hillary for America

    Director of Talent Acquisition & Development | 2015 - 2016

    I oversaw the recruiting operations & performance management systems for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The $1B campaign operation hired over 4,500 staffers between our Brooklyn HQ and our 500+ field offices across the country. We had a particular focus on hiring a diverse workforce, and were successful in creating the most diverse campaign team in history.


    In the end, we were not successful in delivering Hillary Clinton to the White House. Though the consequences of the 2016 election will be felt for many years to come, we can all work to forge a future for our country that is vibrant, optimistic, thoughtful, and inclusive.

    Cofounder & CEO | 2011 - 2015

    I cofounded ReWork, a mission-driven recruiting firm, to make it easier for talented people to build careers worth having while working on society's most pressing challenges. Since its founding, ReWork has supported tens of thousands of talented professionals with career design and job transitions, and has helped hundreds of mission-driven hiring managers make mission-critical hires for their teams.


    ReWork was acquired by Koya Leadership Partners in 2017.

    Career Experiments

    Misc Projects & Adventures | 2008 - 2010

    I spent the years after graduating college doing a wide range of work projects and activities, as I explored what types of work I found to be meaningful. During these years I did research and wrote business plans and for new ventures, secured $1.5M in grant funding for a few nonprofits, installed rain barrels and home energy efficiency upgrades, did construction work, led backcountry trail crews in US National Parks and ecotourism trips in Latin America, sold fudge at a CostCo in Florida, produced a coupon book featuring socially conscious companies in Pittsburgh, and started a moving company with my best friend.


    Some notes on questions and curiosities I've spent time mulling over.
    (If you have relevant content or thoughts to put on my radar, tweet at me: @nathanielkoloc)

    How did we as a country arrive at the point where we'd elect Trump as President?

    I spent the first half of 2017 trying to understand how we wound up with Donald Trump as our President. Obviously, a lot has been written in the year since then trying to answer this question. It's hard for me to summarize my current understanding in a concise way, but here is my recommendation for anyone who feels like they still trying to process how we got here:

    • Listen to (at least) the first 5 episodes of Jon Favreau's The Wilderness podcast
    • Read The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt
    • Read Fantasyland by Kurt Anderson
    • Read American Nations by Colin Woodard
    Incidentally, this is also the list of essential listening/reading I would recommend to anyone who is trying to design a winning campaign strategy for a 2020 Democratic Presidential campaign.